Bankruptcy Litigation

Big-case experience maximizes creditor recoveries


MG+M helps creditors in complex Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 cases recover the maximum amounts possible under federal bankruptcy laws. Based in Delaware, our team has experience with some of the largest bankruptcies of the past two decades, including those involving high-profile debtors. We represent all types of creditors, from lenders to landlords, from utilities to municipalities and many others.

Fierce advocates for creditor interests
Our clients know we are passionately committed to their interests, and will fight hard to get them the best possible recovery. In many cases, we have been able to transform pennies on the dollar into far more significant amounts. When no money is available from bankruptcy proceedings, we find creative approaches that allow clients to realize value.

Delaware know-how and connections
Our deep knowledge of Delaware law benefits both creditors and law firms who need to associate with a local practitioner. As Delaware counsel, we guide incoming firms through the landscape of local practice, helping to find the most effective approaches to resolve claims. We work smoothly as part of a team, sharing information freely, and can take on as much or as little of a substantive role as out-of-state counsel desire.

Individualized service, reasonable costs
We pride ourselves on our accessibility, communications and ability to help clients set realistic expectations for the bankruptcy process. Understanding that many of our clients have already been financially victimized, we seek to make our representation as cost-effective as possible. Often, we are able to offer customized rates and flexible fee arrangements.

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Jason A.

Negotiated a royalty deed on the sale of a gold mine in New Mexico in satisfaction of the former CEO of the mining company’s claims against the bankrupt company, giving him a potentially significant recovery as opposed to pennies on the dollar.

Negotiated agreement in a gun manufacturer bankruptcy classifying the debtor’s largest unsecured creditor as a critical vendor and paid over $1 million in back invoices.

Obtained relief from the automatic stay for multiple homeowners in a bankruptcy case involving a homebuilder, allowing them to pursue construction defect cases in California against the debtor’s insurance company.

Recovered millions of dollars for the L.A. County Treasurer and Tax Collector in the L.A. Dodgers bankruptcy.