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Irina Luzhatsky Featured in ‘How I Made It' Series
June 4, 2024


MG+M Partner Irina Luzhatsky was featured in’s ‘How I Made It’ Q&A series, in which attorneys talk about a recent career advancement and share lessons learned throughout their professional trajectories.

Irina was elevated to partner in January of this year. In her profile, she discusses what factors contributed to her elevation and offers advice for associates looking to make partner.

When asked what she thinks was the deciding point for the firm elevating her to partner, Irina explained, “What really got me to perform my best was taking responsibility for everything that came across my desk. My clients’ problems were my problems. I did not wait for someone else to come up with a solution before making an assessment and bringing recommendations to my supervising partners (which naturally improved over time—everybody has to start somewhere!).”

Irina was also asked about a common mistake she sees at law firms: “Not accepting constructive feedback or taking that feedback personally. Anyone who takes the time to provide feedback on your work believes that you will benefit and grow from it. I have found that separating myself from my mistakes takes me a long way toward improving myself and my work as an attorney, instead of being embarrassed by or dwelling on them.” Read Irina’s full profile: How I Made Partner: 'Excellent Work Product, Integrity and Effective Client Communications Are a Baseline' (registration/subscription required).

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