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Child Victims Act + Sexual Misconduct Defense


Claims involving acts of alleged sexual misconduct, including sexual abuse and molestation raise concerns for insurers and their policyholders. In the defense of these actions, our firm offers a breadth of experience, an understanding of complex statutory schemes and fluid case law, as well as strong negotiation and trial skills - balanced with compassion and sensitivity. Children and lapse in memory are often at issue, making the recognition and understanding of those nuances critical to an effective defense.

Our proactive approach
MG+M's nationwide attorneys offer the specialized skills and knowledge needed to provide a proactive defense to any action based on an alleged act of sexual misconduct. To save insurers costs, our internal investigation team outlines a tactical approach individualized to each case to ensure the best outcome possible. MG+M protects the rights of the insured by securing corroborating witnesses, revealing false accusations and pursuing all available defenses. MG+M has defended claims based on alleged sexual misconduct in various industries, including religious services, education, child care, cruise, sports franchises and Scouting.

Our fully-integrated team
Although we have partners located across the nation, we work collaboratively as a unified team. Our team approach ensures that the best-qualified attorney will handle each aspect of your case and that you are properly defended, with a clear roadmap of our approach and next steps throughout the process.