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Toxic Tort Liability


Toxic tort defendants face a unique set of challenges: the complex technical, scientific, and medical information at the heart of claims; the difficulty in explaining causation to laypersons; and the inherently sympathetic nature of injured plaintiffs. The attorneys of MG+M have extensive experience defending these challenging cases for clients across the country. Our approach, developed over decades of toxic tort practice, has brought extraordinary success in obtaining favorable verdicts, dismissals, settlements, and claims reductions.

The right team for each challenge
At MG+M we draw from our resources to create the optimal team for each case. Our firm includes attorneys who have served as National Coordinating Counsel, Regional Counsel, and trial counsel in thousands of toxic tort cases from coast to coast. Many of us have concentrated experience with different legal theories, jurisdictions, and substances—including asbestos, benzene, dust, mold, silica, talc, vinyl chloride, and more. Our “right team” approach ensures efficiency and produces optimal results.

Knowledge is power
We believe a successful defense begins with a sophisticated understanding of the product at issue. We immerse ourselves in learning about the product’s history, science, and role in your operations. We also have access to a roster of acclaimed experts in pulmonology, toxicology, epidemiology, and other key medical and scientific disciplines. Armed with the right information, we are able to develop strong defense strategies and explain complex arguments simply and convincingly.

Aggressive investigation moves the needle
Overcoming the initial sympathy toward toxic tort plaintiffs takes more than scientific evidence. We dig deep to uncover facts that undercut the plaintiff’s credibility. When we can show that a plaintiff did not buy a product when he said he did, or has a criminal record, or demonstrate that a so-called “expert” is biased, we often achieve voluntary dismissals, settlements and favorable verdicts.     


  • Secured a unanimous defense verdict for a talc-powder product manufacturer in the first cosmetic talc trial to proceed to verdict in Chicago. This case marks the second unanimous talc trial defense verdict for both the company and MG+M.