Amaryah Bocchino

"We want a diverse and eclectic thought-stream—not just women and minorities, but veterans, geographic diversity, different age groups and perspectives."

Amaryah Bocchino is living proof that MG+M seeks diverse voices in management. After opening the firm’s Delaware office in 2009, Amaryah became a partner in 2014—her 7th year of practice and 4th with the firm. Today, she is managing partner of the firm. She describes the firm as a true meritocracy. “There’s no boys’ club feeling here,” she says. “No matter who you are you can achieve and get to the top.”

Amaryah is active in helping other women and diverse lawyers do just that.  While recruiting is a key initiative of the firm, she believes inclusion and retention efforts are equally important. She consistently works to ensure that women and minorities are represented on firm governance committees, and encourages them to contribute to the firm blog, increasing visibility to clients and colleagues. She is especially proud of the threefold increase in women and minority MG+M partners in recent years.

MG+M’s emphasis on teamwork supports the firm’s diversity culture, says Amaryah. “To have a strong team, you need people with different strengths and perspectives. A diverse team is a competitive advantage.”