Carrie Lin

"Diverse and minority attorneys at MG+M get assignments for premium clients and national accounts, so they can be recognized for doing important work."

In her more than eight years with MG+M, partner Carrie Lin has witnessed and been part of in the firm’s deepening commitment to diversity. The number of minority lawyers continues to increase and more have been promoted to partnership, providing a greater voice in firm governance, she says. In addition, a significant number of women and minorities now compose MG+M’s trial team, an important avenue to client development and partnership.

Other advances have included the formation of a diversity and inclusion committee, energetic diversity recruiting and participation in national diversity conferences, says Carrie. “The increase in diversity has affected the firm culture in a positive way. More than ever, it’s part of the dialogue about what we want the firm to look like and what we want the firm to be.”

Diversity and inclusion have grown organically at MG+M, according to Carrie. “From the time I started at the firm partners have taken the time to mentor female and diverse associates so that in the future they would be included in the partnership.”

A member of Northern California’s Asian-American Bar Association, Carrie commends MG+M for its long-term commitment to diversity and inclusion. “People here are sincere about wanting more diversity. We understand that it’s an ongoing effort, and that everyone in the firm has to be involved.”