Business Litigation

Practical solutions for business disputes


MG+M helps businesses throughout the United States resolve their most complex, high-stakes business and commercial disputes. Combining a pragmatic approach with extensive trial skills, we devise efficient strategies that enable you to move forward with your core business.

Diverse resources for diverse cases
We handle virtually every type of business and commercial dispute, including complex contracts, antitrust, M&A, shareholder disputes, securities, construction, intellectual property, employment, bankruptcy, real estate and environmental. Our expertise also includes government and internal investigations—whether initiated by a whistleblower through a corporate hotline, flagged by internal audit, or the result of a civil investigative demand, subpoena or lawsuit brought by federal or state agencies, MG+M's litigation prowess places us on a unique footing to mobilize our teams quickly, thoroughly investigate and advise with an eye toward the practical and minimizing business disturbance, and ideally resolve efficiently and discretely—but be fully prepared and capable of litigating. Many clients depend on us to represent them in their full spectrum of business and commercial litigation as well as investigations of all kinds. By putting the resources of our entire firm at your disposal, we ensure that a team with on-point experience will be assigned to your case.

Trial-tested experience
Although we are committed to finding business solutions, we are, at our core, trial attorneys. We meticulously investigate every aspect of your dispute and advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of your claims and defenses throughout the matter's lifetime. We do not sugar-coat anything. We frankly advise you on risks and provide efficient and creative ways to minimize those risks as the matter proceeds. Working as your partner, we are constantly engaging in an analysis of the best path to victory—whether by motion, settlement, or trial. When cases do proceed to trial, your case will have been fully prepared in every aspect and your team of trial-tested attorneys and professionals will be more than capable of making the most persuasive arguments to judges and juries.

Responsive and invested
We pride ourselves on providing the highest possible level of service, with 24/7 availability and responsiveness. MG+M attorneys take the time to understand your business and your goals for the matter. All members of your MG+M team will work closely with you to develop and execute strategies and keep you fully apprised of developments in your case. We become personally involved in our clients’ success, often forming counseling relationships that last for decades.

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Thomas J.

Negotiated a favorable settlement after a three-week trial on behalf of a manufacturing company seeking approximately $750 million in damages for breaches of indemnification obligations.

Obtained a multimillion-dollar recovery for a utility company in a suit to recover response costs from a chemical manufacturer that had caused significant environmental contamination at the sites of several former manufactured-gas plants owned by the utility.

Obtained favorable rulings from both a court and a jury on behalf of a software company and its employee in actions involving alleged breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets.

Represented a group of 17 homeowners who sued their town for alleged violations of the Massachusetts Oil and Hazardous Material Prevention and Response Act related to a town-owned landfill.

Representing a leading custodial, maintenance, and engineering firm in a $25 million contract dispute with a large school district.

Successfully defended a pharmaceutical company against claims of fraud and violations of federal statutes related to its marketing practices.

Won a plaintiff’s verdict in a $30 million breach of contract suit for a global facilities management company.

Won a verdict in favor of a national travel center operations corporation in a trial for losses incurred after the theft of tractor trailers carrying high-value pharmaceutical cargo from travel centers operated by the defendant.

Working with British co-counsel, secured a €42,260,044 judgment against a global investment management firm in a case in the District Court of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, alleging breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties and fraud.