Intellectual Property Litigation

Powerful defenses for brands and ideas


When innovation is crucial to your business, strong IP protection can make the difference between success and stagnation. MG+M represents businesses in mission-critical patent, trademark, and copyright disputes before government agencies and in federal trial and appeals courts. We protect a wide range of well-known brands, as well as advanced computer, telecommunications, medical device, and other technologies.

Ready for trial, able to settle
Our courtroom experience and trial-ready approach often lead to early resolution of IP controversies. Because we prepare each claim as if for trial, we are quick to find weaknesses and identify dispositive issues in your opponent’s case. When pre-trial resolution is not an option, our attorneys have the skill to learn and present even the most complex technical information to judges and juries.

Finding business solutions
In every dispute, our first goal is to determine the right course of action to suit your business needs. We understand that full-scale litigation is not always the answer, and will work closely with you to consider practical alternatives such as design-arounds, licensing agreements, and even re-evaluating the importance of the product to your core business. Our experience in IP prosecution lends valuable perspective to these important decisions.

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