Investigations + Compliance


Corporations, educational institutions, and local governments are constantly facing new challenges in the workplace and in daily business affairs. These entities and their leaders are continuously scrutinized by the government, media, shareholders, and others—and must confront their exposure by seeking experienced counsel to help them navigate the process.

MG+M has extensive experience conducting investigations and solving compliance issues for a range of legal entities. Our team of qualified attorneys are experts in conducting sensitive investigations; providing compliance; offering critical and timely advice; managing public relations; and guiding clients throughout the entire process from investigation to final resolution, including any potential civil or criminal proceedings.

Our Investigations and Compliance Practice is involved in both internal and external investigations relating to Title IX allegations, corporate misconduct, fraud, government contracting, criminal conduct, harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct, and other employment-related issues. Whether initiated by a whistleblower through a corporate hotline, flagged by internal audit, or the result of a civil investigative demand, subpoena or lawsuit brought by federal or state agencies, MG+M's litigation prowess places us on a unique footing to mobilize our teams quickly, thoroughly investigate and advise with an eye toward the practical and minimizing business disturbance, and ideally resolve efficiently and discretely—but be fully prepared for and capable of litigating

Past investigations include:

  • Fraud investigation for a regional bank
  • Sexual misconduct and disciplinary investigations for educational institutions
  • Insurance and litigation fraud claims
  • Racial discrimination and employment investigations for multiple entities
  • Trade secrets investigations for a large corporation
  • Corporate fraud investigations for a large hospital

MG+M’s unified team includes experienced former prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys, and skilled litigators with extensive trial experience ready to serve the needs of our clients.

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