Jeanette Riggins

"People with diverse life experiences attack problems from different points of view, which makes for more innovative ideas."

A plum speaking engagement six months into her MG+M tenure showed partner Jeanette Riggins the firm’s strong commitment to diversity. “I was sent to do a mock trial at Perrin Conferences’ National Asbestos Conference. It’s the biggest presentation of the conference and to have an African-American woman representing the firm made a real statement,” she says. “When I arrived, the first thing I saw was a huge banner that read ‘At MG+M we recognize the importance of diversity.’ I was impressed that the firm focused on sending a strong diversity message at a premier legal conference.”

Jeanette is actively involved in promoting diversity through law school outreach, creative advertising and on-campus interviews, as well as internal policies. “We try cases in front of juries, and we need lawyers who represent the jury pool,” she says.

Jeanette also gives MG+M high marks for supporting women who want to combine family and career.