Making your case in higher courts


MG+M handles appeals of complex commercial and tort cases at every level of the state and federal judicial system. Clients count on us for a strong understanding of the record combined with fresh perspectives on the legal issues in their cases.

We know the courts from the inside out
Our attorneys have insight into the workings of appellate courts that goes far beyond familiarity with local rules and regulations. Before joining MG+M, many of us were clerks at all levels of the judicial system.

Trial experience drives appellate success
As trial attorneys, we know how to find the strengths and weaknesses in a lower court case. We can sort through motions, evidence and arguments and recognize which issues will resonate with an appeals court.

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John B.

Prevailed on behalf of a national manufacturer in the Third Circuit in a case involving interpretation of the Federal Officer Removal Statute.

Successfully appealed the verdict in a price discrimination case, winning an unusual appellate court order remanding the case to the trial court with an instruction to enter judgment for our client. The case upheld a critical pricing model used in the food distribution industry.

Successfully petitioned the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts to hear an insurance coverage case even in the absence of an intermediate court proceeding. We convinced the court there was a public interest in promptly resolving certain issues regarding the Massachusetts Insolvency Fund, and obtained a timely ruling.

Upheld the district court decision in a False Claims Act case by demonstrating that the government had prior knowledge of the facts underlying the allegations.