Chris Massenburg and Max Swetman Win Defense Verdict for Flowserve Corp. in an Asbestos Products Liability Case in Wyoming

December 02, 2015

Chris Massenburg and Max Swetman, Partners in the New Orleans office of MG+M, won a zero-dollar defense verdict yesterday following a three week trial in the U.S. District Court for the District of Wyoming. The jury ruled in favor of firm client Flowserve Corporation, f/k/a The Duriron Company after approximately one hour of deliberations, finding that the company was not negligent and that the Duriron/Durco pumps and valves were not defective.

The plaintiffs had filed claims against numerous defendants, seeking damages arising from the death of Mr. William Robinson from pleural mesothelioma which was caused by his asbestos exposure during his work at the Allied Chemical Plant in Green River, Wyoming from 1968-1998. In closing arguments plaintiffs’ counsel sought a verdict in the amount of $10 million. Plaintiffs were represented by Levy Konigsberg LLP and called expert witnesses Dr. Jaqueline Moline and Dr. Gerald Markowitz in the prosecution of their claims. Flowserve’s experts were John Henshaw, CIH and Dr. Allan Feingold.

MG+M served as lead counsel and Jeff Meyer of Murane & Bostwick in Wyoming served as local counsel.

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