eDiscovery + Information Management

Taming the terabytes


In the digital age, the volume of data gathered before and during litigation has expanded from filling war rooms to filling warehouses. The growing reliance on electronic data also exposes companies to cyber-security threats. Every organization—of any size—needs a cohesive strategy to maintain, produce, and protect the information it generates through email, texting, electronic documents, and other communications.

MG+M’s attorneys handle eDiscovery, cyber-security, and information governance for some of the largest energy, food service, and manufacturing companies in the world. As veterans of data-heavy products liability, complex tort, and commercial litigation, our team is ideally suited to understand what works—and what doesn’t—in organizing, analyzing, and protecting information. Our top priority is to ensure the protection of our client’s confidential and proprietary information, both against cyber-attacks and in litigation, while creating an environment conducive to cost effective, efficient eDiscovery practice once a lawsuit is imminent.

Smart data creation and retention
Data-saturated businesses often retain far more information than required, resulting in potentially unnecessary disclosures down the line. Smart information governance begins long before litigation is anticipated. MG+M can help your company establish records-management policies that work with an eye toward both current obligations and potential future litigation. Our attorneys counsel you on what to save, what to purge, and when, based on your industry’s unique regulatory requirements and your business needs. In addition, we advise you on addressing important workplace issues such as telecommuting and the implementation of personal device policies.

Controlling discovery
Once you are faced with document retention and production obligations, efficiency and confidentiality concerns take center stage. We are experienced at handling large-scale discovery projects, efficiently searching for and collecting information from diverse locations, and ensuring that you produce only what is required. In addition, we are vigilant in helping you protect trade secrets, financial information, export controlled information, customer information, and other confidential data through agreements and court orders that limit access and usage.

Organizations are constantly facing threats from well-funded, dedicated, and sophisticated cyber-criminals. In this environment, company management and boards of directors will be judged and held accountable for how they prepare for and respond to data breaches and cybersecurity incidents. Given the financial and reputational costs associated with data breaches, companies need a law firm with experience managing these events and mitigating their associated risks. MG+M works with clients to address a broad range of issues related to cybersecurity, from small scale incidents to data breaches that impact entire organizations.

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