MG+M Attorney Jonathan F. Tabasky to Speak at Perrin Conferences' Cutting Edge Issues in Asbestos Litigation Conference this Week

March 05, 2018

MG+M Attorney Jonathan F. Tabasky will be a speaker at Perrin Conferences’ upcoming Cutting Edge Issues in Asbestos Litigation Conference, on March 7th in Beverly Hills, California. He will be speaking as part of a panel that will address the topic of Ethics: Understanding Attorney Obligations in High Risk Cases.

Jonathan is a partner in the firm’s Boston office. He has primary responsibility for the management, handling, and defense of litigation brought against many different types of professionals. His clients include architects, attorneys, engineers, real estate brokers, real estate appraisers, and independent insurance adjusters, among others. Since joining the firm, Jon has also been extensively involved in the defense of products liability and toxic tort claims.

Jon frequently speaks on a host of topics in the realm of asbestos litigation and ethics, including conferences and events such as the 2010 Asbestos Defense Strategic Summit on Gasket Studies, the Asbestos Defense Strategic Summit - Defending Peritoneal Mesothelioma Cases in 2011, the Emerging Trends in Asbestos Litigation Conference (HB Litigation Conferences LLC) from 2009 to present, and Ethical Challenges Presented by the Representation of Multiple Parties and in the Use of Social Media (Certified In-House CLE Presentation) in 2012.

Jon is also a frequent contributor to the Defense Litigation Insider blog, where he writes on a variety of topics including ethics in the law. Most recently, he authored a series on Massachusetts’ changes to its Rules of Professional Conduct.