MG+M Obtains a Defense Verdict in a Product Defect Case

April 27, 2020

MG+M Partner Meghan Senter obtained a defense verdict in favor of our clients–a large home-improvement retailer and a leading paint manufacturer–in a product defect case. Plaintiffs claimed that various problems they experienced when painting their home were due to defects in the paint. At trial, Meghan successfully elicited crucial admissions from plaintiffs regarding their failure to follow the paint's clear application instructions. Additionally, through her witness and separately through plaintiffs’ concessions, Meghan established that issues with their contractor’s drywall texture work were the likely cause of plaintiffs’ damages. Agreeing that plaintiffs failed to meet their burden to show a defect, the court entered judgment in favor of MG+M’s clients, saving not only the cost of a verdict, but also attorney’s fees and costs, which are recoverable under Louisiana law.

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