MG+M Partner Brandie Thibodeaux Wins Summary Judgment in Asbestos Suit

February 22, 2017

Partner Brandie Thibodeaux successfully represented a manufacturer of valves and valve systems by winning a Motion for Summary Judgment in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana on January 20, 2017, before Judge James Boddie. Ms. Thibodeaux argued to the Court that her client could not be responsible for injury from asbestos-containing external insulation added to its bare metal valves post sale, or asbestos-containing gaskets replaced on its valves post sale, because it did not manufacturer, sell, supply, and/or otherwise distribute these asbestos-containing products with its valves.

Plaintiff’s counsel opposed the motion on the basis that the manufacturer knew that asbestos-containing products like insulation and gaskets would be used and replaced on its valves.
Prior to the hearing, the plaintiff had issued a seven figure demand. The issue of whether a manufacturer of bare metal valves can be liable to an individual in an asbestos personal injury matter for asbestos-containing products added to the valve after its sale is an issue being litigated across the country. Ms. Thibodeaux’s summary judgment victory is another feather in the manufacturers’ cap in an effort to reduce these claims nationwide.

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