MG+M Partner Lindsay Dibler Testifies Before Missouri Senate Committee in Support of Bankruptcy Trust Transparency

February 20, 2019

For the fourth consecutive year, MG+M Partner Lindsay Dibler testified in support of Senate Bill 69 (Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Transparency) before the Missouri Senate Government Reform Committee. The proposed legislation made it out of Committee the past three years, and was close to reaching a vote before the full Senate last year. Senate Bill 69 is one of many tort reform proposals currently being considered this session.

Senate Bill 69 was introduced to provide fairness in the tort system and transparency of bankruptcy claims in the tort process. The bill would require plaintiffs in asbestos cases to not only identify and provide trust claim documents and payment information, but also require plaintiffs to file such claims at the beginning of the tort process. Dollars collected from Bankruptcy Trusts must be disclosed prior to trial, and may be used to set off any judgment reached in an asbestos trial. Trial may be stayed if Plaintiff fails to follow this procedure. House Bill 216 mirrors the efforts in the Missouri Senate, and is expected to be brought to committee in the near future. Passage will greatly improve disclosure of all claimed exposures and Bankruptcy Trust monies collected in Missouri asbestos litigation.

Lindsay is responsible for the firm's substantial St. Louis City and Cook County (Chicago) asbestos dockets. He is one of few defense counsel who have taken verdicts in the challenging defense environment of St. Louis City. For the past four years he has supported tort reform measures being pushed in the State of Missouri. In addition to testifying before both the House and Senate Committees, he has consulted on Bill language in support of Asbestos Transparency in the filing of claims for recovery from Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts.