MG+M Prevails in Summary Judgment Dismissal in Salmonella Poisoning Case

June 11, 2018

MG+M obtained on June 1, 2018, a summary judgment dismissal of its client, a nationwide distributor of Asian food products. The plaintiff consumed sushi at a New Orleans area restaurant, and within days became violently ill, followed by 9 days of hospitalization caused by salmonella poisoning. The Centers for Disease Control eventually traced the plaintiff's poisoning to contaminated ground tuna that had been imported into the United States from India with some of it distributed by MG+M's client to the New Orleans sushi restaurant chain. Over 400 cases of the poisoning were reported nationwide, with many lawsuits brought. The plaintiff's alleged medical conditions resulting from the poisoning episode were: autoimmune thyroid disease, Cushing's Syndrome, gastrointestinal problems, kidney tumors, lifetime vitamin B-12 deficiency, and Stargardt's disease (early onset macular degeneration leading to blindness). MG+M persuaded the court, following ample discovery, that its client notified the New Orleans restaurant chain customer of the nationwide recall of the tuna product in a timely way, and otherwise met its legal duty to the plaintiff and others in this food-provider poisoning case.

MG+M Lake Charles Partner, David R. Frohn, was lead counsel, and he received excellent support from the firm’s New Orleans Associate, Helen M. Buckley.

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