MG+M Wins Summary Judgment in Connecticut Premises Liability Case


MG+M recently secured a summary judgment win for its clients in a workplace premises liability matter brought in Connecticut Superior Court, Judicial District of Meriden. In early 2014, a subcontractor filed suit against two homeowners after he sustained injuries while repairing a deck at the defendants' residence. The plaintiff claimed that the defendant-homeowners were liable under various theories of negligence, including the failure to reasonably maintain the premises, failure to remedy or repair a known defect, and for failure to warn of potential defects. After the close of discovery, MG+M moved for summary judgment on behalf of the homeowners, asserting that they owed no duty of care to the plaintiff in the absence of any evidence that they possessed or controlled the deck at the time of the incident. The Superior Court agreed with MG+M's arguments, and granted summary judgment in favor of the homeowners in advance of trial. Fronte v. Levasseur, et al., NNI-CV-14-6006846-S (Conn. Super., Jan. 10, 2018).

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