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Bernadette Catalana Featured on Spaghetti on the Wall Podcast
April 24, 2024


MG+M Partner Bernadette Catalana discusses empowering women in the legal profession on the Spaghetti on the Wall podcast. Spaghetti on the Wall is an interview podcast featuring guests who have seen great success following their passions. In her episode, Bernadette speaks with host Armando Leduc about her journey of resilience, empowerment and supporting women in the legal profession.

Episode Description: Bernadette Catalana is one of seven children—six of them daughters. A lawyer, mentor, cooking enthusiast and avid yogi, she identifies most with the role of mother/nurturer. Raised in Endicott, New York, she raised her children in Rochester and eventually followed them to New York City, relocating her law practice and her life. Her recently published book, Daughter Lessons: Wise and Witty Reflections on Leading, Learning From, and Loving our Daughters, is a collection of essays written over the years, many of which were published on the Daughter Lessons website. Dedicated to her daughters personally, she has professionally focused on sending the ladder down and supporting other women in the profession. She has given a series of talks across the country called “Candid Talk Women,” designed to help women opt-in, rather than opt-out, of the practice of law. 

Listen to the episode.

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