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Brian Gross Quoted in Aviation Week Network Article on the Looming Legacy of PFAS
Aviation Week Network
October 2023


In an article for Aviation Week Network, MG+M Partner Brian Gross comments on PFAS liability and cleanup costs for airports and fixed-base operators. 

The article discusses the looming legacy of contamination from foam fire-suppression systems containing PFAS compounds now that the FAA no longer requires airports to use PFAS-containing aqueous film-forming foams (AFFF). 

Excerpt: “Once it is deemed a Superfund site, all of the owners—anybody who owned the property or contributed to any release of contaminants on that site, whether they’re on the site or it migrated to the site, are potentially responsible parties,” says attorney Brian Gross, a partner with MG+M The Law Firm. “No defense; if you own [property] or you contributed, you owe money. If you are deemed to be a potentially responsible party, you’re on the hook.”

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