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Introduction to Marine License Insurance & Captain's Liability
360 Coverage Pros, Berkley Offshore, MG+M The Law Firm


MG+M The Law Firm (MG+M) Partner Raúl J. Chacón Jr., chair of the firm's Maritime Practice, is a featured speaker on the Introduction to Marine License Insurance & Captain’s Liability webinar hosted by 360 Coverage Pros, Berkley Offshore and MG+M. Raúl joins 360 Coverage Pros Program Manager Chris Buseman and Berkley Offshore Senior Vice President Brian Murphy to discuss the importance of marine license and professional liability insurance coverage for mariners.

USCG-licensed vessel operators, engineers and crew face an enormous amount of risk rendering their daily professional services or employed duties. While shipping casualties and vessel incidents occur frequently and vary in terms of severity, many officers do not realize the impact of a lawsuit or allegations until it is too late. It is paramount that USCG-licensed vessel operators safeguard themselves from the hardships brought forth by rulings against them due to civil legal liability and damages they may be responsible for. Equally important is protecting their licenses and livelihood from administrative reprimands including defense costs and license suspensions, fines and income security.

Topics will include: 

  • USCG-licensed officer’s professional liability exposures from a civil, criminal and license standpoint
  • Importance of various coverages offered to USCG-licensed officers
  • Exploration of the allegations, damages/costs, and legal proceedings against USCG-licensed officers

View a recording of the webinar and the presentation materials.

May 3, 2022
Webinar Recording Available Below

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