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MG+M Establishes International Affiliation with Italian Law Firm
October 22, 2020


MG+M proudly announces that it has entered into an international practice affiliation with Studio Legale Scognamiglio (SLSLEX) of Naples, Italy.

MG+M has teamed with international counselor and litigator Giovanni Scognamiglio and the professionals at SLSLEX to provide international and cross-border services on behalf of MG+M's US-based clients in Italy and throughout the European Union and premium legal services to SLSLEX's vast Italian and EU clientele in US matters. The affiliated firms' combined service offerings include all areas of litigation, commercial disputes, corporate transactions, governmental disputes, higher-education counseling, cross-border arbitrations, litigation and risk management, and settlement negotiations as well as providing vast experience counseling in their respective court systems.

Giovanni Scognamiglio, a graduate of the University of Naples Law School, founded SLSLEX more than twenty years ago and has built it into a highly regarded legal force throughout Italy and Western and Central Europe in a variety of legal disciplines. He also studied at the Pace University School of Law in New York in the 1990's. Scognamiglio affiliates with MG+M after many years of collaborating with MG+M Illinois-based partner John Kurowski on both sides of the Atlantic in a variety of matters. Each firm also maintains its status as an independent and separate law firm in the affiliation.

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