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MG+M Ranked on 2023 Leopard Law Firm Index Top 200
February 16, 2024


MG+M is proud to be ranked on the Leopard Law Firm Index Top 200 by legal intelligence provider Leopard Solutions. The index scores firms on profitability, visibility, growth and potential opportunity. 

Using quantitative data and size-adjusted numeric weighting, the index is updated twice weekly and focuses on the overall health of a firm in real time. Leopard Solutions tracks data for more than 5500 firms, and the Top 200 is compiled based on an average of each week’s score over the course of the year. Based on key indicators of law firm sustainability, ranking factors include promotions to partner; increases or decreases in revenue per lawyer over a five-year period; relative success in lateral and entry-level recruiting; retaining of partners, associates and entry-level attorneys; percentage of women partners; average attorney tenure; growth or decline in attorney headcount; and ethnic diversity within the firm. 

View the complete list of the Top 200 firms for 2023.