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MG+M to Sponsor The Lawyers Association of St. Louis Annual Gridiron Event


MG+M The Law Firm is a proud sponsor of The Lawyers Association of St. Louis annual Gridiron event on Friday, November 11 at the Marriot St. Louis Grand Hotel. We are also proud to be represented in the organization by MG+M Partner Daniel Rousseau, who serves as the association’s president. 

The Lawyers Association of St. Louis is the second largest legal association in the St. Louis area. Daniel joined the association in 2011 and has served as an officer since 2013, including in his current role as president. 

For 65 years, the association has hosted this annual dinner, which includes performances by lawyers and judges in musical parodies, skits and videos that poke fun at the legal profession and association members.

November 11, 2022
6 p.m.
Marriot St. Louis Grand Hotel
800 Washington Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri