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Raúl J. Chacón Jr. Discusses the Shipowner's Limitation of Liability Act of 1851 on "The Ozarks Today"
The interview deciphers filing under this act in light of the Table Rock Lake duck boat accident this past summer.
October 18, 2018


On July 19, 2018, a duck boat operated by Ride the Ducks sank on Table Rock Lake in the Ozarks near Branson, Missouri. The tragedy left 17 of the 31 on board dead, as the boat began to sink during high winds associated with nearby severe thunderstorms.

The owners of Ride the Ducks have since filed a motion to limit liability, citing the Shipowner's Limitation of Liability Act of 1851. With extensive experience as national and local counsel on marine products liability matters, Raúl J. Chacón Jr. discusses the details of this act with Reuben Perdue, news director and host of "The Ozarks Today" radio show on 1150 KRMS out of Osage Beach, Missouri.

Listen to the interview here: Raúl J. Chacón Jr. Interview on "The Ozarks Today"