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Pamela R. Budreau

Pamela Budreau is a partner in MG+M’s Chicago location. She first started her career as a prosecuting attorney in Madison County, Illinois. During her years as a prosecutor, she experienced first-hand matters involving age discrimination, gender discrimination, and persons with mental health disabilities.  She realized as a young lawyer how important diversity, equity, and inclusion would be in her professional career. Pamela is happy to be a member of this committee, and embraces every opportunity to support MG+M with such important initiatives.

Pamela is a first generation Italian-American with a strong sense of dedication to all cultural backgrounds within her legal community. She is a member of the National Association of Women Lawyers and a board member of The National Forum for Environmental Toxic Tort Issues (FETTI).

Her mission in her legal endeavors and career has always been to ensure that all her colleagues will be provided a work environment that sees no color, age, gender or limitations, so that each professional can strive to achieve success and thrive in a safe environment. “At MG+M, the opportunities are inclusive, diverse and equitable for everyone,” she says.