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Class Action Litigation


MG+M’s class action practice is diverse and robust. Primarily, MG+M attorneys help clients navigate class action defenses with a nuanced comprehension of the legal intricacies and strategic considerations inherent to complex and multifaceted litigation. At MG+M, we take a leading role in protecting clients confronted with class action lawsuits, with particular experience with environmental claims like PFAS litigation and the Deepwater Horizon incident. Our diverse practice also includes plaintiffs-side class actions and global recovery programs, particularly in the anti-trust context. Our attorneys’ knowledge of class action from the defense perspective, makes us uniquely situated to prosecute class actions against known anti-trust violators, whether through affirmative “opt-out” litigation or through the claims process on settlement funds. Our firm has helped clients recover multiple millions of dollars in these matters.

As industry leaders, we take an aggressive approach to both prosecute claims and protect clients against the dangers of class actions. These cases can present unique challenges and we understand the risks associated with brand reputation, operations and bottom line. We help clients navigate these risks and diligently pursue the result that will best support the client’s business goals. Throughout our representation, effective communication, careful documentation and a proactive approach to legal challenges are crucial. MG+M’s method involves pursuing cost-effective, business-focused solutions, whether through defeating class certification, winning dispositive motions, implementing discovery strategies, or maximizing claim recovery. The goal is to protect our client’s interests in the most efficient way possible for an outcome with the most value.


  • Obtained multiple dismissals on behalf of a national health information management company in consumer protection litigation related to the amount that client could charge for production of health records.

  • Defeated class certification in potential multi-million dollar health care consumer fraud action, then resolved for exceptionally favorable value during the appeal.   

  • Assisted a food manufacturer to develop a plan for navigating food labeling requirements, reducing the client’s risk of misrepresentation and false labeling claims.

  • Defending a water utility company in a state class action in Connecticut related to PFAS.

  • Served as counsel for almost two decades on everything from community gas leaks to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill class action.

  • Defending a chemical distributor against a federal court class action filed in South Carolina related to PFAS.

  • Prosecuting and settling claims under the Sherman Act for food service provider against chicken, pork, beef and turkey manufacturers.

  • Recovering anti-trust claims against Visa and MasterCard on behalf of over a dozen firm clients.

  • Successfully defended a leading international streaming service in a class action matter brought under the Consumer Choice in Television Act in state trial and appellate court. The initial case was dismissed outright, and the appellate court affirmed the dismissal with prejudice. This result is expected to impact similar litigation in other jurisdictions.

  • Served as lead counsel and successfully obtained dismissal of a class action lawsuit alleging violations of federal trademark laws and the consumer protection statutes of eight different states on behalf of a national retail chain accused of selling gray market goods across the country. The case was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut.

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