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eDiscovery + Information Management


Every organization needs a cohesive strategy to maintain, produce and protect electronically stored information generated through email, texting, electronic documents and other telecommunications.

MG+M’s eDiscovery team handles eDiscovery and information governance for some of the largest aerospace, energy, food service and manufacturing companies in the United States. We have experience with US and EU data privacy laws, and counsel clients on litigation readiness programs and protocols to collect and review electronic data.

With many years of experience leading data-heavy products liability, complex tort and commercial litigation matters, our attorneys understand what works—and what does not—in organizing, analyzing and protecting information. On behalf of our clients, we:

  • Establish record-management policies that work with an eye toward both current obligations and potential future litigation
  • Counsel on what to save, what to purge and when, based on industry regulatory requirements and business needs
  • Advise on addressing important workplace issues such as telecommuting and the implementation of personal device policies
  • Handle large-scale discovery projects, efficiently collecting information from sources ranging from warehouses full of paper originals to electronic files in the cloud
  • Help protect trade secrets, financial information, export-controlled information, customer information and other confidential data through agreements and court orders that limit access and usage
  • Advise on a broad range of issues related to cybersecurity, from small scale incidents to data breaches that impact entire organizations

MG+M combines legal, technical and eDiscovery resources to ensure electronic information is safely stored and managed efficiently and that our client’s experience exceeds expectations.

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