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Sporting Arms, Ammunition + Outdoor Products Litigation


MG+M understands the history and importance of sporting arms, ammunition, and outdoor products in this country. As a pioneering litigation firm representing the industry, we are uniquely positioned to assist in all aspects of counseling and litigation.

Our approach
With more than a decade of experience representing clients throughout the United States, our attorneys have a deep understanding of the industry’s nuances. We defend manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and importers in product liability suits, protecting the well-earned reputations of our clients and minimizing the disruption that litigation can cause to their businesses.

We guide our clients through the complexities of the litigation process, whether in an isolated tort claim or throughout a complex series of regionally or nationally coordinated cases or class actions. We regularly review, coordinate, and defend product-related accident cases throughout the country. Our experience equips us to work with in-house attorneys, product designers, and engineers to develop defenses that take maximum advantage of research, development, and product knowledge.

Nationwide resources
With a nationwide practice and a well-developed local counsel network, we are uniquely positioned to defend any product in any state and federal court throughout the country. Our national counsel program was specifically designed for defending difficult product liability cases where the claimants’ counsel are well-connected and prepared. Our attorneys have developed coordinated strategies and consistent defenses for our national clients, regardless of the venue involved. Our program helps to reduce defense costs and eliminate inconsistencies by employing nationally recognized experts and coordinating discovery.

Efficient partnering with our network of local counsel allows us to focus on scientific and technical defenses as well as overarching legal issues, thereby producing economies of scale and even greater value for our clients. By avoiding the need to “reinvent the wheel” in every new case, our clients benefit from reduced costs without sacrificing quality, consistency, or an aggressive defense.

Close client relationships
We work closely with our clients to help them reduce the potential for injuries and exposure (including reviews of products, instructions, warnings, and marketing materials) in a cost-effective manner. It is because of these close-working relationships that our clients are assured of having a “ready-to-go” defense, with attorneys capable of responding rapidly — no matter when or where the next lawsuit may be filed.

Our attorneys gain a deep knowledge of our clients’ products through our long-term relationships, and also through personal experience. Several of our staffing attorneys are National Shooting Sports Foundation members that have former military and law enforcement experience and are familiar with the products as consumers.

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