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Trusts + Estates Litigation


Complex disputes over wills, trusts and estate administration can lead to contentious legal battles and substantial financial loss. The sensitive and personal nature of these matters add even more complexity to the litigation process, exposing involved parties to potential animosity, emotional distress and estranged relationships. Beyond the financial and legal consequences, failure to resolve trust and estate affairs in a timely and sensitive matter hinders the process of administering estates, distributing assets and resolving beneficiary claims—all unnecessarily prolonging the grieving process for heirs and beneficiaries.

Fiduciaries, beneficiaries and individuals facing such complex disputes turn to MG+M The Law Firm’s seasoned team of litigators and trial lawyers to handle their most critical and contentious matters related to trusts and estates. We have extensive experience in all aspects of litigation, including handling disputes over wills, forgeries, claims of wills being changed under duress, alleged breaches of fiduciary duties by executors and representatives, and other disputes. Advising through all stages of litigation, our team offers document review and preparation, fiduciary duty analysis, effective court representation, and settlement negotiations. We also handle appeals of adverse judgements or rulings to higher courts. This experience has earned us a reputation for providing exceptional service and handling delicate and personal matters with the utmost care.


  • Defended and prosecuted claims of forged wills and other will contests

  • Assisted a charity in clawing back improperly paid commissions to a personal representative 

  • Defended personal representatives against claims of forgery and coercion 

  • Brought a case claiming breaches of fiduciary duty by a trustee 

  • Investigated an improper change of the beneficiary in a life insurance policy