The Firm

The MG+M Plus Factor — More than the sum of our parts

The Firm
  • National litigation powerhouse
  • Thirteen offices coast-to-coast
  • 100+ trial-tested attorneys
  • Over 20 years' experience as national coordinating counsel, national trial counsel, and regional coordinating counsel in high-risk litigation
  • Handled litigation in all 50 states
  • Resolved tens of thousands of cases


The MG+M Plus Factor provides extra value for clients—and is a reason multiple Fortune 500 companies and iconic business brands choose our firm to handle their most critical, high-risk litigation. Combining a unified team approach with national resources, creative trial tactics and an unwavering focus on optimal results, we achieve outcomes that help businesses thrive.

Trial focus
As a trial-focused firm, MG+M The Law Firm ("MG+M") possesses the unique perspective gained only from seeing hundreds of cases before judges and juries. We understand how fact-finders evaluate disputes and what persuades them to agree with one side over another. From the earliest stages of investigation and discovery, we build strong, trial-ready cases, developing records that often encourage voluntary dismissals and settlements along the way.

National capacity
With thirteen offices from coast to coast, and a vast local counsel network, we can rapidly respond to litigation demands anywhere in the country. Each of our offices has the independent ability to handle complex local and national matters, navigate multistate discovery, and represent you in any capacity required. In addition, we maintain a strong national network of expert witnesses and investigators in a wide variety of disciplines to fit with clients' matters.

Unified team
Unlike many firms that are collections of attorneys sharing office space, MG+M functions as a truly integrated team. We staff cases with resources from throughout our firm, pulling in the attorneys and partnering with professionals who are best qualified to handle clients' unique needs. This collaborative approach lets us custom design the right mix of technical and industry-specific skills for every case.

Diverse culture
MG+M embraces a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture as vital to our success and that of our clients. We strive to maintain a diverse workforce that reflects the makeup of our clients and communities, encourages varied perspectives, and fosters creative thinking and ideas.

Aggressive investigations
Our tenacious approach to early investigation and assessment of claims and defenses saves money and wins cases. We dig relentlessly into every aspect of a case, looking for facts and opportunities to enhance your claims or strengthen clients' defenses. Our goal is to exploit the opponent's weaknesses and build on our client's strengths - plain and simple.

Creative solutions
When a case looks unwinnable, that is where we shine. Although we always seek the fastest, most efficient pathways to resolution, we are inventive in developing novel arguments and unafraid to pursue them when necessary to achieve our client's objectives. In many jurisdictions, we have pioneered new approaches and helped set precedents.

Optimal results
We believe each case has an optimal resolution premised on the client's unique business culture and goals. Most often, we seek to resolve cases before trial to limit disruption, risk and expense. When the client's interests are best served through litigation, we have the experience and judgment to take cases successfully to trial.

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