Cannabis Industry Representation


The cannabis industry is currently experiencing rapid change, as states across the U.S. continue to legalize marijuana for medical and/or recreational use. Business owners, medical professionals, and entrepreneurs currently have opportunities to expand, but need to be aware of the ever-changing and complicated legal issues that can arise.

The right experience to fit your needs
MG+M attorneys have experience attending to legal cannabis business activities in a wide variety of areas, including but not limited to: business law, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, and employment law. As edibles and beverages continue to gain popularity in the cannabis industry, you can feel confident in our food and beverage litigation practice’s experience in handling these cases.

A fully-integrated team
What separates MG+M from our competition is our unified team approach. Especially important as cannabis laws and regulations vary from state to state, our team approach ensures the best-qualified attorney will handle each aspect of your case, from across our 13 offices nationwide.

Invaluable partnerships
Our clients are involved in all different areas of the cannabis industry, ranging from medical marijuana dispensaries, recreational cannabis vendors, individual marijuana establishments, and companies that provide goods to the mainstream market. We want our clients to understand cannabis laws and regulations as the industry continues to expand. MG+M can be a valuable partner and an indispensable asset to your growing business.

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