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Alex Baker Discusses Trucking Litigation on the Safe as Truck Podcast
May 25, 2022


MG+M Partner Alex Baker joins the Safe as Truck podcast to discuss his experience defending trucking companies, the potential impact of legal cases on small and mid-sized trucking companies, and how companies can be prepared. 

Safe as Truck is powered by LogRock, an online compliance hub for trucking companies. 

Highlights from the conversation: 

  • Alex’s experience representing trucking firms (1:41)
  • Defining a “nuclear verdict” and its commonality (3:23)
  • The likelihood of getting sued (6:58)
  • The impact of legal cases (10:02)
  • What comes next after deposition (11:27)
  • An attorney’s structural disadvantage (13:16)
  • How the founder is painted as the bad guy (14:35)
  • How to prevent a nuclear verdict (16:14)
  • A tale of two cases (21:53)
  • Saving time, energy and money (28:23)

Listen to the episode.

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