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COO Chris McDevitt Discusses Using Emotional Intelligence to Build Productive Teams
January 9, 2023


MG+M The Law Firm Chief Operating Officer Chris McDevitt published a article about the importance of emotional intelligence (EI) to ensure continued success and longevity at law firms. 

In the article, he discusses how to use EI as a business tool, the added impact it can have when adopted by firm leadership and four primary components of EI: 

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Self-motivation
  • Social skills

“While the adoption of EI in the legal industry is particularly important because the law is a collaborative business that is relationship-driven, EI is also a pillar of diversity, equity and inclusion,” he writes. “By focusing on developing empathy, reducing unconscious bias, creating an inclusive culture and improving mindfulness, more diverse teams form and flourish. Building a culture in which all team members feel valued in their work and have an equal opportunity for success creates a positive and cohesive work environment that attracts and retains diverse talent.”

Read the full article.

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