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Speaking Engagements
MG+M to Host WTS Professional Development Presentation: Demystifying the Legal World
WTS International


Join WTS-Boston's Professional Development Committee for an evening with MG+M The Law Firm on Demystifying the Legal World. Attorneys in our Trucking + Transportation Litigation Practice—Partners Stephanie Chesney and Rachel Moynihan and Associates Marissa Morte and Meredith Stivers—will provide big-picture overviews for companies in the trucking industry of why internal/external legal teams are not to be feared but here to help. Presentation material will focus on the following four topics:

  • general employment trends, including independent contractor status of laborers v. employees, potentials for class actions, day to day employment areas of concern in corporations;
  • commercial litigation and biometric policies (recent changes following a large holding in the middle of the country);
  • general liability trends in transportation and risk mitigation; and
  • information management, including document/electronic storage retention, legal holds, privacy rights, and data protection.

This is a hybrid event—attendees will have the option to join in-person or via Zoom. Snacks and refreshments will be provided for in-person attendees.

September 8, 2022
5:30–7 p.m.
MG+M The Law Firm
125 High Street, Oliver Street Tower, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02110