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MG+M's pro bono practice: committed to accessible justice for all.
May 12, 2021


MG+M's pro bono practice is committed to ensuring that justice is accessible to everyone. Through direct representation and partnerships with human rights and legal reform organizations, MG+M supports underserved communities, disadvantaged individuals and nonprofits that lack access to legal services.

Our Pro Bono Committee is proud to share two recent examples. Mary Reed volunteered the highest number of pro bono hours in the firm Q1 of this year. Her time was spent researching and drafting memorandum on the potential retroactive application of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Ramos v. Louisiana, which will be used to assist incarcerated individuals in seeking relief where they were sentenced by a non-unanimous jury. Ashley Foote prevailed on a case for an indigent client suing his landlord for 72+ outstanding housing code violations, resulting in the judge issuing an order mandating the landlord to correct all violations discovered by Housing & Planning Development.

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