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Natasha Corb Certified as a Registered Specialist: Exposure Decision Analysis
American Industrial Hygiene Association
March 4, 2024


MG+M The Law Firm Partner Natasha Corb was recently certified by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) as a Registered Specialist: Exposure Decision Analysis. 

Registered Specialists in Exposure Decision Analysis possess skills and knowledge to effectively manage workplace exposure and monitoring data to biological, chemical and physical agents encountered in virtually every occupational setting. Specialists use systematic methods and statistical analyses to make evidence-based, scientifically supported recommendations and action plans concerning all aspects of occupational health, including education and training; hazard communication; epidemiology; compliance monitoring; medical surveillance; respiratory protection and personal protective equipment; work practice, administrative and engineering controls; and hazardous material management.

Certification as a Registered Specialist: Exposure Decision Analysis is obtained upon passing a two-part exam, which requires foundational understanding and application of inferential statistics, Bayesian Decision Analysis and the AIHA Exposure Risk Management Process.

Utilizing her certification as a Registered Specialist: Exposure Decision Analysis and background in environmental health, Natasha advises clients on regulatory compliance, quality control and best practices for issues surrounding various chemicals and agents, including per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and asbestos. Her background and training allow her to use evidence-based defense strategies and appropriately tailor them to her clients’ needs in complex environmental and toxic tort litigation involving personal injury damages/fear of disease and contamination to soil, groundwater and other environmental media. Her designation as a Registered Specialist: Exposure Decision Analysis enhances Natasha’s ability to understand and effectively navigate the scientific, medical and technical aspects surrounding complex, high-stakes litigation.

Learn more about the AIHA’s Exposure Decision Analysis Registry program.

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