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Cannabis businesses face uncertainties and legal hurdles stemming from fast-changing federal and state regulations, which put their operations, assets, premises and reputation at risk. Navigating compliance issues, product and premises liability matters, and disputes with suppliers, customers or regulatory authorities requires guidance from strategic legal advisers who understand the intricacies of the cannabis industry. MG+M understands the multifaceted and highly regulated cannabis industry, from the transactional hurdles that arise for cannabis businesses and the litigation risks that companies in this space face.

MG+M offers cannabis clients, including manufacturers and distributors, the full spectrum of legal services–from inception to completion. Our clients are involved in all areas of the cannabis industry, from medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries to manufacturers that provide product to the mainstream market. We assist clients from startup and fundraising to acquisitions, and everything in between. If disputes arise, we are strong advocates through every phase of litigation and, if necessary, trial. Our experience extends across practice areas, including corporate transactions, premises and products liability, business litigation, and transportation, among others.

MG+M attorneys quickly evaluate complex legal issues, develop strategies to limit damages, resolve disputes prior to trial, and effectively represent your business before judges and juries.

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