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Strategic Counseling + Risk Management


In today’s dynamic business landscape, your company faces complex challenges and uncertainties that can impact your operations, reputation and bottom line. From legal compliance to cybersecurity threats and employment risks, failure to manage these issues can lead to litigation, fines and loss of customer trust. With rapid technological advancements and regulatory changes, proactive risk management is essential to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a competitive edge. MG+M The Law Firm advises companies on preemptive measures to prevent disputes, minimize potential liabilities, protect your assets and reputation, maintain long-term viability, and navigate the complexities of the modern business environment with confidence and clarity.

With decades of experience helping companies avoid and manage commercial and insured litigation as in-house, outside and national coordinating counsel, MG+M brings a 360-degree perspective and deep understanding to your business objectives and legal needs. Our team’s first-hand experience as in-house counsel includes handling high-stakes cases for major international companies in insured and uninsured matters. We also regularly serve as national coordinating counsel, national discovery counsel, national trial counsel and regional coordinating counsel for US and international companies, from Fortune 100 companies and household-name brands to small, family-owned businesses. Our skills and insight gained from defending companies' business interests from all sides applies across industries and throughout MG+M's practice areas, including business litigation and transactions, food and beverage liability, and construction litigation. We apply that insight and judgment as a go-to legal resource and strategic business partner, and are a company's first call when disputes arise and litigation is on the horizon. 

MG+M attorneys help clients strategically address current and prospective business disputes and corporate risk. When facing active disputes and litigation, businesses of all sizes across industries turn to MG+M as trusted advisors and litigators. However, some of our attorneys' greatest strengths are managing and minimizing risk before active disputes arise, and working with our clients to create global plans to approach various pending or impending problems. Partnering closely with your key stakeholders, including senior executives, frontline managers, in-house counsel and risk managers, we provide strategic counsel on all manner of disputes and risk that impact your business. 

MG+M also advises companies through the every phase of litigation, including risk assessment, avoidance and mitigation of exposure. We provide our clients with early case assessments, and when litigation cannot be avoided, we guide them through the matter, from initial pleadings and motions, to mediations and settlement conferences, to trials and appeals. We have resolved hundreds of matters favorably through negotiated settlements using a variety of strategies to fit the nature of the case and goals of the business client. Our team has extensive experience with alternative dispute resolution mechanisms designed to limit the uncertainty, expense, business interruption and unwanted publicity resulting from litigation—including AAA arbitration, court-assisted mediation programs and private mediation. We work closely with our clients to assess the settlement value of the matters we are handling so they can make informed decisions on proceeding with the case or settling.

When working with larger companies, we partner with internal legal teams and senior management to bolster your litigation position, manage internal expectations around costs and outcomes, and help bridge any gaps between in-house and outside counsel. Business lawyers and generalists working in-house especially appreciate our close partnership, advice and judgement as experienced litigators and trial lawyers. For smaller companies without internal counsel teams, we offer proxy general counsel services through all phases of litigation and bring the full array of general counsel skills to the table.


  • Partnering with risk management counterparts and insurance carriers to reduce exposure for catastrophic events and large insured matters with large deductibles

  • Developing company-wide safety polices and training to minimize worker’s compensation and general liability claims

  • Partnering with outside counsel to create a risk management program for foodborne illness matters to minimize exposure

  • Identifying upcoming litigation and business risks for particular business units and mitigating risks through contract amendments, behavioral changes and making appropriate reserves

  • Working closely with business clients on countless contractual disputes prior to litigation and advising on risks, costs, potential resolution and mitigation of exposure

  • Creating company-wide strategy for enforcing non-competes against major competitors and minimizing employee attrition

  • Advising on and developing policies for clients on how to manage and operate business during the COVID-19 crisis

  • Advising on and developing clients’ service contracts to clarify and improve indemnity and insurance obligations of both the client and their customers