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Raghu N. Bandlamudi

Raghu Bandlamudi emigrated to the United States from India in 1981 at age 13, with the vast majority of his education occurring in the United States. He says that as an immigrant he has developed an appreciation for the need for a diverse professional environment for the hiring and advancement of people like himself who come from non-traditional backgrounds. “Like so many other immigrants, I remain aware that the recognition of one’s abilities and qualifications are intertwined with a prospective employer’s commitment to the hiring and advancement of professionals of diverse backgrounds,” he says. 

Raghu sees the firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in action working from our New York office alongside many first-generation immigrants like himself, including some who came to the United States as refugees. He says of his recent addition to MG+M and our DEIB Partner Committee, “I hope to add to the great work that has been done to date by my colleagues on this front and help demonstrate that MG +M ‘talks the talk’ and ‘walks the walk’ on the important goals of diversity and inclusivity.”