Four MG+M Attorneys to Judge the ABA Trial Advocacy National Finals

January 25, 2018

Four MG+M attorneys, Partner Jeanette Riggins, Of Counsel Michael Goggans, and Associates Meghan Senter and Natasha Corb, are participating in the National Finals of the American Bar Association Trial Advocacy Competition next week in New Orleans.

The group will serve as judges for various rounds of mini-trials, in which each competing team from law schools across the country has 90 minutes to present its case from start to finish, including opening and closing remarks, witnesses, and pre-and post-trial motions. There are six teams participating in the national finals, who have won their respective regions to advance to the final level of the competition. 

The ABA established the LEL Trial Advocacy Competition to get law students acquainted with the courtroom experience, introduce them to the challenges and rewards of litigation, and sharpen the skills they will need to be effective litigators. The competition also offers them a forum through which to connect with fellow law students and law practitioners alike.

The National Finals will be held this weekend, January 27-28th, at the Eastern District of Louisiana Courthouse.

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