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Products Liability Practice Handbook
Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education
March 6, 2023


MG+M The Law Firm Partners Michael CantieriWilliam IrwinTimothy KrippnerDaniel PowellKyler Stevens and Christopher Triska contributed to the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education's (IICLE) handbook on Products Liability Practice 2023 Edition. The handbook is an essential guide on products liability cases and includes the following chapters authored by MG+M partners: 

  • Negligence and Warranty Theories of Products Liability, Kyler Stevens
  • Parties to Products Liability Cases, Timothy Krippner and Daniel Powell
  • Investigation and Development of the Products Liability Case, Michael Cantieri and Christopher Triska
  • Use of Expert Witnesses in Products Liability Cases, Timothy Krippner and William Irwin

Products liability is a multifaceted, ever-changing area of the law, requiring practitioners to constantly hone their knowledge of the rules applicable to appeals in products liability actions, the preservation of evidence, and new legislation and caselaw. A helpful guide for representing plaintiffs or defendants, this resource covers topics ranging from who may bring a products liability action and who is subject to liability, to defenses to products liability, discovery and damages. It contains more than 30 forms, checklists and sample clauses, including a client interview checklist, notices to produce, a retainer agreement, sample language for elements of damages and a notice of appeal. 

Other chapters include: 

  • Strict Liability in Tort in Products Liability Cases
  • Defenses to Products Liability
  • Use of Discovery in Products Liability Cases
  • Pleadings, Motions, and Third-Party Practice
  • Special Aspects of Products Liability Trials
  • Insurance Coverage for Products Liability
  • Damages in Products Liability Cases
  • Motions for Summary Judgment and Appeals

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